Bringing It All Together

The great brands of our day create great brand-building experiences and communications through a mature brand culture.  When your people know and live your brand, the products/services, communications and experiences they produce build your brand and its value.

Apple’s $153 billion in brand equity is a stunning example of what can be achieved when an organization is comprehensively focused on its brand story and purpose – technology revolution.  The premium you pay for Nike products is a result of their delivery against a brand story to turn everyday people into athletes.  And Zappos’ “wow” service, lived by its employees every single day, keeps it customers coming back over and over again.

Nonprofits and membership organizations can grow even more meaningful brands because they have an inherent meaningful purpose beyond revenue building. Solid brand building discipline can achieve these same results for them.  The Red Cross lives and communicates its mission to come to the rescue of people in need.  AARP has made great strides in strengthening its brand as the advocate and supporter of people in the second half of their lives.

A great brand story remains the focal point of all great brand organizations. Fully leveraging the power of your brand story throughout the organization is one of the most effective ways to  transform your organization, your reputation and your success.