Living Your Brand Story

Today’s great organizations not only tell their brand stories – they live them.  They integrate brand purpose and values into their planning to yield the products, services, customer service, delivery mechanisms, pricing and relationships that create brand building — and success building — experiences.

Just as easily, living a story that is inconsistent with the story you are telling can be very damaging.  Just ask BP what happens when your communications tout one set of values while your operations live by another.

Your brand story is a great tool for challenging your thinking and improving your performance.  If your story has you playing the leadership role, ask yourselves if you’re really the leader. Are you the leader in all aspects of your service and delivery?  If not, how can you be?  And, take the steps needed to move into a stronger leadership role.

Living your story is the next phase of branding for most organizations.  It goes beyond your words and engages organization-wide action.  It involves integrating your brand and what it stands for internally and externally.  It is the discipline of keeping your brand meaning in your sights and ensuring that all your actions – not just your words – reflect its power.