Telling Your Story

An engaging and meaningful brand story is the most powerful tool for creating communications that have impact.  It sets the bar high, guides your efforts to reach the bar, and provides you with the criteria you need to assess your efforts.

The purpose, personality and values of your brand story are told through the messages, words, graphics, symbols, colors, etc. that make up your communications.  Careful and strategic thought to leveraging them to tell your story will, over time, develop a Brand Voice that engages and a Brand Look that is recognizable and stands out from the clutter.

Purpose A great brand story becomes the primary organizational message and provides a meaningful context for secondary and tactical messages.  It articulates the value you deliver to your audiences and guides the crafting of brand building messages. It ensures that audiences understand why what you do is important and matters to them.

Personality – Communicating through the organizational personality not only shows audiences more about who you are, but gives you the chance to engage beyond reason – touching their passion, energy and inspiration.  If you’re tough, be tough.  If you’re compassionate, be compassionate. If your quirkiness is part of your charm, be quirky.  Using the brand personality as a guide to colors, fonts, language and visuals will engage your audiences in your story.

Values – More and more, the values of the organization and the people representing it play a role in the marketplace’s decision making.  Talking about your values doesn’t make them true.  Representing them through your attitude and actions will demonstrate what you believe in. This is true in all media, with social media providing the greatest range of values expression.

Using these story-telling principles throughout all your communications – advertising, speeches, press releases, website, social media, collateral, displays and more – will create alignment of your brand story through all audience touchpoints and strengthen your brand at every opportunity.