Mountain State Spirits Overview

Mountain State Spirits believes in quality over quantity. They don’t believe in cutting corners. They want to create the finest cordials in North America by sourcing the finest ingredients and using traditional techniques. MSS Believes our hard work and dedication to the craft is evident in our products. They strive to make positive contributions to the industry and the community. They love their Mountain State of West Virginia and want to promote the natural beauty, clean waters, and hard-working people of the State. MSS believes in doing right by their Customers, Partners, and Friends. No excuses or shortcuts.

Brand Identification

The FORGE branding model helped identify the unique qualities evident in Mountain State Spirits that were found to be a combination of rustic simplicity and refined elegance.

Brand Values

Honest and talented people are our heart and soul.

Hard work with no compromise results in superior products.

We shoot straight, promising truth to our customers and partners.

Brand Personality

Mountain State Spirits stands for refined quality, hard work and rustic elegance. We are dedicated to our craft, creative in our approach and fun!

MSS Brand Symbols

MSS Marketing Products

MSS Brand Book: Click to view pdf.
MSS Bottles: Designed by Forge.
Case Studies & Detailed Client Samples
Promotional Campaign
Punchy! The Musical
FORGE collaborated with Jack Terroni, Composer & Producer of Punchy! The Musical, to create promotional materials for "a musical that stands in its own league".
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Mountain State Spirits
Brand identity, packaging, and website for a new class of American cordial, Bourbon Ratafias.
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Forge built a brand that represents ZwillGen's solid legal foundation and its progressive bussiness approach that breaks outside homogenized law firm branding.
Illustration Series
Sundance Poster Series
Pete Beebe of Forge creates an annual poster to support one of the oldest Lakota Sundance ceremonies. The poster has been produced at no cost for 20 years.
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Barrett Academy
Full branding package for the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values, an international think tank focussed on the evolution of human consciousness.
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Old Growth Heritage
FORGE built a brand for the generational wood worker, Ryan Brady, who brings his rare experience of growing up in his father's old-growth saw mill to every project.
Branding, Design &Promotions
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